Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Meant to blog this weeks ago

I went to Neon's with Harper, Wachael and Jenie a few weeks ago and I was in line for the toilet and there were two girls directly in front of me talking. They didn't know eachother, just engaging in the usual awkward strangers standing shoulder to shoulder banter. The one girl is pretty drunk, everything that flies into her head flys out of her mouth. The conversation went a little like this...
Drunk girl: I'm a sophomore at UC.
Drinking girl: Oh I graduated from there.
Drunk girl: Ooooh what year?
Drinking girl: 2007.
Drunk girl: Omigod how old are you?
Drinking girl: 28.
Drunk girl (in a very suprised tone): Wow you're really keeping up!

At that point drinking girl turns to me eyes like saucers, mouth agape. I could bearly see her for the tears of laughter.

FYI 21 year olds: just shut up.

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