Sunday, June 10, 2012

On lock... up.

We have a lot of door and door handle problems in our house. One problem I apparently should have been more concerned about was the door to the third floor and the malfunction making it impossible to open from the third floor side.
I went in the door to try and find a mystical HDMI cable that apparently does not exist anyway and the door got closed. Stranding me away from Marley and Solomon.
No cell phone, no neighbors to yell for out the window (only people walking to the neighborhood church NA meeting). I tried to walk Marley through the silly process it takes to open the door (squeeze very tight on the baby proofing thing and push in while twisting counter clockwise). No good.
I consider dropping to the second floor roof but rule it out on account of I was sober and no freaking way.
Luckily Bob's decrepit old laptop was on the third floor. It only boots 50% of the time. It booted and I put a message on my Firecracker ivillage/Facebook mom group. After a few minutes Jennifer Ritts called my mom and Bob per my request. No answers. She left a voicemail for Bob who never answers strange numbers. He listened to the VM and called our geographically closest friends Chris and Shannon. In the meantime Solomon has begun screaming and crying (I discover later it is because he has locked himself in Marley's room) and Marley is sobbing because she cannot get into the bathroom because it is child proofed and she does not want to have an accident.
I start freaking out. I've been locked in there for over 20 minutes. I attack the door with my feet but there isn't enough room to get a good kick. So I use my shoulder. After a few hits I decide I'd be better off using a weapon against my ridiculously solid door-opponent. So I use a coffee table to smash into the door until AHA! It gives.
I then call and contact all necessary persons and comfort my children. Marley made it to the bathroom ok!

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  1. you do realize Im off during the day, and usually found in front of my laptop :o) And Im geographically close ;o)