Monday, June 4, 2012

Who, Why, Where!?

My laptop is on my lap and I am tabbing in between 5 tabs. Looking up the meaning of a word, writing in my journal, reading Genesis 7, posting photos onto a website so I can print them and beginning to download a video game. That is all with my left hand. 

With my right hand I am using a wireless mouse to control Bob's laptop which we currently have hooked to our TV in lieu of our usual media PC because the fan has been too loud. On Bob's laptop I am dragging, extracting and dropping files so that Bob and I can watch the shows we want on our own schedule without commercials and without paying anyone (except the cable company for the actual internet).

The best of technology. (Not sure that this will qualify as irony but I am listening to Melanie on the turntable).

No wonder I feel a little held back when I am doing only one thing at a time.
Good thing I have my kids to teach me patience.

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