Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Back in the saddle again... they better validate my pony-parking.

So in this blog post I said I would be at some point returning to college. That time has arrived. It is, somehow, someway the year 2012. JULY 2012 too... not some lesser month like.. February. IT IS JULY. HALFWAY THROUGH THE FREAKING YEAR. Wasn't it just December 2011? Did I have a birthday?  Did someone make me a cake? Where did all that time go?

Sorry, got a little distracted there.
Also I am sure someone made me a cake and I am sure it was delicious, please make me another one... FOR MARLEY'S BIRTHDAY BECAUSE IT IS FREAKING JULY.

So I have resubmitted my application to Cincinnati State, been re-accepted, all my transcripts have been transferred and accounted for, my class audit has been... audited, FAFSA submitted, tax forms submitted, adviser seen. So what is left to do? Well, first and foremost amongst the in-need-of-conquering-tasks is what to do with my darlings. The sunshine and moonlight of my life need to be safe, stimulated, enriched and cherished while I am busy reading overpriced textbooks and praying that my Blackboard access works.

So what is my plan? I have to have a plan right? Here is one a bunch of people would hate. Prayer. That is the plan. There is a program at Cincinnati State for children. A good program... with a waiting list. I have been told there will be a spot for my (ACK) 4 (4!?!?) year old but that I would have to wait and see about my 2 (2!?!??!) year old. I have applied for the waiting list and now I am going to pray. Flat on my face, sucking air through the carpet praying to God to make this work. Why?

Because I want to go to school. I want to follow through with the plan I have made. I am genuinely excited about the prospect of doing ... what I plan to do. I find it difficult to publicly state my educational intentions. I fear discouragement during this  vulnerable moment in my life. I want people to encourage me and tell me that I have set attainable goals for myself and that what I am doing is worthwhile and pleasing to God.

I am going to go to Cincinnati State to obtain an "Associate of Arts degree" and then transfer to UC to get a Bachelor of Education concentrating in middle education. There I said it.

So now I pray.

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