Monday, July 30, 2012

Marley comments on Princes and the Fall/Snakes

The other day at Aimee's princess birthday party Marley and Grandpa Bob had a conversation that went something like this.
Marley: Are you a prince?
Gpa Bob: Well I use to be but I lost my prince hat and shoes.
Marley: Oh... That is a weird story.
At bedtime we were reading Genesis when the serpent is tempting Eve and after I read about her (Eve) giving in and eating the fruit) Marley says, "If that was me I would not eat that fruit. I would step on that snake."
That is what I get for reading Genesis 3 and Rikki Tikki Tavi to her in the same week.
I was watching some of the Duebber kids today and I gave them all slices of cheese. Some of them are food-inhalers and some of them are food-hoarders. Marley (a food-hoarder) was prone to a Katie attack. Katie swiped a piece of Marley's cheese and shoved it into her mouth (hence settling the matter with a firm and irrefutable claim on the cheese)  (which was greeted by a wale from Marley). Then Aimee said, "It's ok. You can have a piece of my cheese Marley."
Evil is natural and goodness is not. The proof is in the cheese.

Solomon thinks every morning is a food scavenger hunt. Mostly because he stashes food for himself in accessible but hidden places the night before. Sick.

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