Sunday, July 29, 2012

Marley & early literacy / college updates

I cannot tell you what a privilege it is to be allowed to help Marley take her first steps toward being a reader. She knows her alphabet, can identify all letters, knows well their sounds and most of their lower case forms. She delights in drawing R's, H's, Q's. She is not a big fan of the letter S yet. She can write her own name even if the Y is questionable.

Being able to read will go well with her flare for the dramatic and for story-telling.

Here is a story she told to me tonight. She had a green and orange "cape" tyed which she was flourishing one way and another as she told the story. I wrote it down in short hand so it isn't  word for word but it is the exact story.

I live in a swamp and it is very beautiful. My prince is captured by the bad guy with evil spells. The bad guy took my prince to a big forest. I use my swamp powers and turn the bad guy into a swan for ever and ever. For 5 weeks.
Then the best thing in the world happened. The best thing in the swamp. The princess had a pet. It was a little tiny bee in the palace and there was a bad spell. The princess and the bee fell asleep and were happily ever after. Then the best thing ever happened. The bad guy turned back into a swan until it stopped.
-Marley Winslow

She didn't inform me if there was a working title or anything. She couldn't really tell me anything about her hopes for publishing either. One step at a time.

So in the midst of struggling with a household of virus I have had a few life changing or at least thought-altering moments this week.

I had an appointment with my doctor that surprised me. I always expect a clean bill of health and no complications. I *DO* have complications. Now I have been suggested to change current behaviors and to seek out a specialist. I won't go into actual detail but I will say that no I am not pregnant nor am I in any mortal danger. But I never thought I could be physically vulnerable. A stupid thought, I know.

I got a phone call from the Child Development Center. The one I have been praying for a spot to open for Solomon. They said for him to be put on a priority list I would have to enroll Marley, which I was unwilling to do without any actual assurance that Solomon would get in too. It would obligate me financially if I did. So I said no to enrolling Marley and had them keep Solomon on the regular waiting list and was advised there would likely be a 6-9 month wait.

Ok, time to get the back up plans rolling a little faster right? Nope.

Then without any additional effort on my part aside from prayer, the center called me back a week later and said that they had an opening for Marley AND Solomon.

Praise God!

Now I have a meeting with the teachers to do paperwork and tour the facility. It has been 4 years of me being a stay at home mom. I am not nervous about being an adult without a trail of kids but the idea of leaving my kids somewhere (even though we will be in the same building) is absolutely... terrifying. The fact that they will be in different classrooms is the worst part by far.

I am seperating them from myself and each other. It constricts my throat to think about it, I get a headache in my temple. Each decision made leads to 5 more questions.

God, I pray that you make the path before me clear and that You would guide my steps. Allow me to think clearly and remain positive, filled with the power of the peace that passes understanding. Remind me God that you have given my life purpose and that purpose includes the responsibility I have to my two blessings, my children but is not limited to that. God steady me and be my rock. If I have to make hard decisions God please guide me to choose the things that will glorify You and ultimately lead to the salvation of my children and husband through Jesus Christ.

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