Friday, August 31, 2012

Bullit points.

  • Switching from quarters to semesters mean professors say "Oh wait..." a lot while they read their syllabus to the class.

  • One of my professors missed her call to the televised pulpit. It's what MLK Jr. would have sounded like if he (was a woman and) teaching a humanities class.

  • I have another professor who only says "good question" after bad questions.

  • Why do some people use an apologetic voice when they introduce themselves?

  • I have a professor who has mastered every power point trick in the book. I would make fun of this except I find it genuinely impressive.

  • Another of my professors (I have 6) moves and generally behaves like a confused tyranosaurus rex. "I got the moves like t-rex." He also has the fine art of self-interruption and conversational procrastination mastered.

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