Thursday, August 23, 2012

G-chat with Baba

me:  hey
what is your degree in again?
 Sent at 9:04 PM on Thursday
 me:  I think I figured out what I have a passion for. I just read about a field and I got all giddy because it sounded so right, thats a good thing right?
 brenyn:  bachelors of education and allied professors family studies
it is
 me:  what i was going to do!
 brenyn:  huh?
 me:  I was going to get BS in educ. But now I have been endlessly searching professions/careers/majors and I found one I love the sound of.
 brenyn:  yeah it is a good thing , depending on what your reading thought since most things can sound good on paper lol
what is it
 me:  I don't think so. I think everything sounds awful. I have been realizing lately that I don't get excited much anymore, about anything.
BS in Health Education and then a MA in Health Administration.
 brenyn:  i think the more you know the less exciting things are in genereal
 me:  Vic can hire me some day when he has his own prac :)
Or vice versa.
I have ALWAYS wanted a chance to work in a hospital.
 brenyn:  health admin is good can be a tough field with health care the way it is and death etc
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 brenyn:  i can do you there
not do thats weird
 me:  Yeah bound to be a big transition with insurance changing.
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 me:  I always see people wrecking their bodies and want to do something to help them and I feel like I can actually identify with the suggested personality for the field.
Which I never have. Usually I am like "Umm I could be that way I guess."
And death does not bother me, suffering does though.
 Sent at 9:13 PM on Thursday
 me:  plus I am interested in the big money from health administration. *cough
 Sent at 9:14 PM on Thursday
 brenyn:  yeah i mean any degree you can make what you want out of it
 me:  yeah
 brenyn:  you think that will get you where you wanna go, go for it
brb gotta run
 me:  k
Man plans, God laughs.
 brenyn:  lol we gotta make plan or we are sitting here waiting lol
 me:  <3
In the meantime I am making endless charts. As perscribed in my textbook entitled "Career Acheivement" I need to tally the positives and negatives (for everything), note my strengths and what I want to work on and put on paper some quantitive goals. Some of it sounds like witchcraft but I can understand the having mesaurable goals on paper part. I have a to do list each day because it gives me something to aim for and feel proud of when I cross things off. Why not have a to-do (to-try) list for the longer term?
I am probably arriving later than a lot of people at this conclusion but hey, I got there.
Don't laugh at me, I bruise like a peach.


  1. Also, it has just come to my attention that you are a complete hypocrite...for telling me that going to a "dr" can't help me.

  2. if your going to quote me could you at least correct my spelling? :-)