Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Getting to know me again.

First day of school went very well. I only had one setback and we recovered. Solomon and Marley both made it to their classrooms on time for me to be on time and neither of them cried. I did a little but not so much I couldn't cover it with sunglasses and recover in the elevator.

I have learned a few things in school so far:

1. A syllabus is perfect indicator of your professor's personality. A spacey adjunct, a whimsical "spiritualist", a classroom dictator. Tomorrow I predict I will meet a tightlipped disciplinarian, a off-the-cuff clown and a normal person.

2. I still like public speaking. I managed to give a public speaking presentation and made the whole class laugh (on purpose).

3. Things go so much better when God is in control.

4. Being a "W" = way more wait than being a "G". I was a "last but not least" twice today. Thanks to Zealman (spelling?).

Also, I stepped on a staple with my barefoot right before having to practise deep breathing and self awareness in Yoga. I will explain how I ended up in yoga later... it's complicated. Staple in the foot is not complicated. It is, however, painful. More later.

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