Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Haggai and Trust

You worked very hard to produce all of those things. But I struck them with rot, mold and hail. And you still did not turn to me,' announces the Lord.
Haggai 2:17

We cannot know how much good comes from bad.
Trust is something people scoff at or attribute to naiivete, but I will trust in the Lord and He will justify me.

Choose Now Who You will Trust

I cannot know how far the heavens extend
Nor what depth has the universe
But that I should know greater than the Lord
so often do I assume.
What a fool, I.

He who applied the desire of His will
And the Earth formed and filled
Or I who struggle from one day to the next
To know my own mind
Whom shall I believe?

Will I count as certain what is best for me
Based on my puerile persepective
Drawn from only what I see before me
Or will I come back to the plan
Written by the master
Who has known every nuance
Every aspect
The whole world for a fact?

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