Monday, August 20, 2012

How many days? O.O

My first day of classes is in 8 days. Despite some back and forth on availability, my kids are now safely enrolled in the child care program at the college. I have been praying every night that a spot would open up and now it has (again). Thank you God for this blessing. It means I will be a few minutes walk away from my kids while I am at class and I will have some downtime between classes to do homework without Solomon demanding I supply 4-90 cups with varying degrees of liquid contents that he can slosh back and forth into each other and then spill on the floor. And without Marley asking me if I like her coloring and then when I say "Yes", her saying "Why do you like it?" and then after I state 2-3 things I like about her asking "Why do you like that about it?" and me replying why I like those things about it, her asking why I like those things I like about it... Do you know how hard it is to justify a justification of a justification? It is difficult. Especially while you are trying to convince your solar-powered calculator to work even those it is completely convinced it is too cloudy to work today.
I hate pain relievers almost as much as I hate pain.
Solomon's birthday party is in planning mode. I am a little late, usually I like to give myself a full 3 months for prep but I dropped the ball. Luckily I had already purchased the "necessary" accouterments.
I do not believe I officially covered this topic but last month my wittle bitty baby sister got engaged to her long time friend Vic. Horray for that! Now Brenyn gets to try out the new stages of life that proceed immediatly after 'engagement'.
I want a pair of leather mocassins. I took Marley to Meijer and Target to get her school "supplies" (although we are not to the stage in life when school supplies are super exciting yet). She got to choose a big girl backpack and she chose the pinkest one with the world's largest cupcake on it. She also got to choose a new pair of shoes. Regrettably, I would not let her choose the sequined covered high tops or the ballet slippers, it had to be gym shoes (with NO LACES). She chose the pair that were (of course) hot pink from the tip of the tongue to the depths of their sole.
She puts on the shoes and puts on the back pack and she looks like a big girl with a giant cupcake bag ready to take on the world. I just hope that she is because I have serious worries about....
My super shy girl and prone-to-hysterics boy. Child care is a big change for us. It makes me feel sick to think about it. Being away from them so many hours seems crazy to me, totally lunatic. What will they do without me? Who will open the fridge and fetch the 4-90 sippie cups? Parenting is so very, very painful.

Thank you God. For my children and this opportunity You have given my family and I. I pray that You would help me to glorify You during this time while I search down this current path. Help me to find that place where I can be in this world but not of it and serve Your higher purpose. Be a lamp unto my feet and light my path. God I pray that while I am engaged in work and school that You would place other Christian influences into my children's and husband's lives. Give me discipline, patience and wisdom. To You be the glory and honor. Amen.

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