Friday, August 31, 2012


I am only two classes in but Statistics seems less like math and more like reading comprehension. You will be punished for skimming through that paragraph!
My Stats professor gives blessedly few homework assignments. I did one and managed to put myself a week ahead. <3 class="goog-spellcheck-word" span="span" style="background: yellow;">Meghyn's
brand of math.
I should report that on Thursday I had a earthly perfect day. I enjoyed my classes, my kids were perfect darlings in their classes, no tempers flared, my husband was a doting gentleman, I got to go to the gym, I got to drink almond milk... Little things here and there went wrong but nothing that prevents me from reporting the day as (earthly) perfection.

Ate and played at the Duebber's house. Awesome. Chaos.
Toby (talking to Bob during dinner), "Would you rather eat monkey brains or... your own beard?"
Kids can bicker for hours and still enjoy themselves. Like mini-politicians. Robyn only gave me two cookies. I suspect Solomon got at least two and half. Like it was his birthday or something...

He's right on target for just about everything, except his giant head. It is very advanced. On the rides to school we drive over a huge expanse of train tracks and he calls out to the "Choo-choos" appreciatively. Later in the ride we pass a fire station and he admires the "TRUCK!!!!!!!!!!!"
He wants to eat only bread, cookies, juu (juice) ba-ba (bananas) and ap-pah (apples). Compared to Marley he is a picky eater.
The ball area at the museum is his favorite place to be. He can put on his own shoes if he feels like it.
Sharing is NOT his strong point but is very good at returning the items he steals when he sees it has upset his sister. They adore each other.
He has a favorite shirt, he cooperates excitedly when he sees he gets to wear it. It is a crudely illustrated dinosaur with a speech bubble that says "RAWR!"
Solomon likes to stomp around, picking his knees up high with a squishy angry face pretending to be a dinosaur. We refer to him as Deegie-dinosaur.
He is referred to most often as Solomon, Solo or Deegie (Marley's nickname for him).
He reminds me of Davey from Anne of Green Gables. All trouble and adorable cherubic face.

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