Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The science of blessing

This exerpt from an article (which I was looking at for other purposes) I found pretty much defines my feelings about my personal seasons of depression and the way they have been approached by doctors.

The Christian and the non-Christian approach the universe differently and hence they define it differently. The humanist believes this world is all there is. Life is defined chemically and physiologically, within totally naturalistic confines. They reason that if the reality of our world is entirely natural, then definition is relatively easy. Given enough time, all things can be defined after sufficient research, dissection, experimentation, or study. From a Christian perspective, this is not true.
Leviticus 17:11 makes clear that life is "in the blood" but it is even more clear that life is not from the blood, but from God. (Genesis 2:7). To understand life we must look beyond life to God. Definition has to be more than naturalistic: it goes beyond us and our world, and is thus in essence impossible. For us, therefore, science is not definitive but descriptive and theological. Science will become more productive if it abandons its goal to define naturalistically (which leads to theoretical science) and limits itself to description in terms of theological premises.
by R. Rushdoony February 1, 1984
Here is the rest of the article if that's your bag.

So I had no intention of making any statements on my psychological treatment history but when I read that I had to post it.

Blessings today:
Grocery store!
Having enough kroger points to get $1.20 off a gallon on gas.
I didn't bark once at either of my children today thanks to a gift of patience.
Discovering (on a whim)  that NKU will save me a lot of money on tuition in the future.
Knowing that no matter what happens, my children will be cared for because I have a supportive family.
Being strong and fighting temptation to succomb to weaker (distracting) nonproductive leisure.
My mother in law!
During the day's family crisis there was no blood shed or (significant) hair loss and it ended in laughing.**
Did not feel restive all day.
Bob made dinner (Greek) and cleaned the kitchen without being asked. (Clearly God still does miracles).

*Marley refuses to believe this stuff does not count as dessert. Some may argue it does. But it doesn't, so neh.
**I use a handful of hair accessories to keep my hair out of my face at the gym. They became firmly entangled in my hair. I had no choice but to call Bob in to help me get them out. Marley and he stared at my head for awhile before he started working the mess loose and she covered my eyes telling me not to look.
Bob: Well on the bright side if it does get stuck, it looks cute?
Me: Really?
Bob: No. Well... if you think rats' nests are cute, yes.

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  1. for the record, you and your family (uh, specifically your immediate nuclear Winslow family) are way the heck up on my list of thankfulness, or however that is supposed to be said. i'm very happy that we're all seeing each other so much and that we all live close and et cetera sappy things that need not be written or read but you get my point. THANKFULNESS!