Tuesday, September 4, 2012

This is my 400th blog since moving to Blogger.

I've been having bouts of insomnia the last few weeks. Not so unusual for me but it had been under control since we joined the Y and I was working out regularly. Now I stay up THINKING and THINKING. Not worrying, just considering, planning, devising and talking to (and occasionally at) God. The last few nights have been less logical in their direction. Future planning takes a backseat (for the moment) for fiction-plotting. Last night while trying to focus my eyes on the moving ceiling fan blades in the dark I wrote the first 3 paragraphs of a book. They were so good I ended up getting out of bed to jot them down. Before you think to yourself "Well no wonder she can't sleep she has her eyes open and keeps jumping out of bed", Well... actually you can go ahead and think that. Just don't SAY IT, unless you hear me complaining about my sleep issues (this doesn't count, it's my blog, I am talking to future me.)

The only time unwarranted advice is acceptable is in response to pitiful whining.

Where am I?
Right. So I found this program that I am hoping will help me to get out the thoughts before they start playing a thoughtful game of ping pong in my head while I should be sleeping. Genius?! Nope, it doesn't work BUT... it is fun. Let me briefly explain what the software does: You are basically mapping out your ideas. You can endlessly expand on them, divide them and connect them. It allows the visual person to construct nonlinear thinking into something... less useless.

I took a screenshot of a small branch of "My Brain" as the software calls it.

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