Monday, October 1, 2012


God I am grateful for...
The melodic sound of wind chimes.
The smell of fresh picked basil.
Almond milk.
Eating lunch with Lindsey.
Doing yoga with Marley and Solomon.
Generous parents.
Pretty fabric.
Sitar music.
Lovable in-laws.
Cloudy skies in the morning so I can drive and see at the same time.
Almond milk.
Marley and Solomon loving each other so well.
Getting to enjoy the hot springs with Mom.

Riding home from school today we were listening to Beethoven's 6th symphony and Marley piped up, "Mama this music/song is blue and pink." I am so proud. She may look and wake-up like Bob but she has some me to her too. :)

I had a revelation that I needed to put Marley and Solomon in the same room at night. It eases my mind because I divide my love and consciousness into anywhere my immediate family is. With Solomon and Marley sleeping in the same room, it gets divided less. This may make no sense to anyone. The first night bedtime was a breeze but had the same sleep disturbances as we have the last few weeks. Bedwetting and angry seeking of snarfers. 3 disruptions in all, 1 of them being prolonged. Tonight bedtime was a breeze again. Disturbances yet to be determined.

Bedtime #1: teeth, toilet, pjs,/spiderman costume, books, praying, Jesus loves me x2.
Then after I left the room they giggled for awhile and then I heard the unmistakable sound of monkeys jumping on beds. Went back in, re-tucked them with a reminder of quiet. They were KO'd two minutes later.

Bedtime #2:  teeth, toilet, pjs,/spiderman costume, books, praying, Jesus loves me x2.
Then after I left the room Marley was teaching Solomon how to talk. Saying words then bidding him to repeat them. She got him to say with very good clarity "I need help." Unsure how that will affect my life. I guess it will be revealed at the same time as the sleep disturbances.

They are both very happy to be in the same room.

I went to a very wonderful wedding this weekend. Krissy Winslow and Nick Rommelfanger had a wonderful and unique ceremony and reception. My favorite things:

1. The bride in full length gown, tiara, veil and heels climbing to the top of a rocky mountain without eating it and managing to look poised and perfect the whole freaking time.
2. The quiet collective laughter when the officiant said the "in sickness and in health" vows because the groom has chicken pox. Which may not be at all amusing to him yet. And in all fairness it would have a very sad event except both the bride and groom handled it perfectly, with grace and reason.
3. The break-dancing 4 year old who was spinning like a 90mph top.
4. The food!
5. The cake!
6. The fact that it was at Shangri La. Which FYI is in the middle of NothingbutCornfields, Indiana.
7. And of course my favorite thing at all weddings... the flower girls.
8. This is a long one. The fact that my father in law Ralph knew what I was talking about when I detailed my harrowing experience that morning. Which involved a brand new bottle of listerine, subtle shifts in fingertip pressure, a geyser, both of my nostrils and pain. It is good to have someone who knows that you may not have been completely to blame for shooting high pressure streams of listerine up your nose.

Ok I am going to listen to those wind chimes now.

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