Sunday, October 14, 2012

Math Shmath

So there is some song that they use to play on the radio with the lyrics "Because you're a god and I am not."

Not winning any awards with those lyrics (I hope). But I thought of them today as I was studying Probability multipication rule. I was working this one type of problem over and over and over. I tried it maybe 10 times (about 30 minutes) without being able to get the first part of the question answered (it had two parts). I just kept plugging away, trying to make the rule make sense in my head. Finally I just looked up to the ceiling (you know, where God hangs out) and said (aloud) "I cannot do this. You have to do this or this isn't happening. Please help me." Tried again, got the first part right, second part wrong. Tried again (it remixes the stats every attempt) and got it right. Again, right. Again, right. Again, right.

After getting it right the first time I was a little overwhelmed with joy because I had decided I could not move on until after I got it right. I looked back up the ceiling and said (aloud), "You're amazing at this. I am not."


Now I need to apply this prinicple sooner and to every other struggle I come across. God heals things, God makes me able, God strengthens me, God does my math for me! Now if I could just humble myself enough to let Him do the work in my personal life. I had an awful day and all I did was fight Him all day.


For the record, tonight is Solomon's first night with out the snarfer (pacifier) in a long time. He took longer to settle down from the Marley-Solomon gigglefits but no other "problems".

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