Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Money. Marriage. Heart

Money is a battle every day. We find our struggles change. Battle for the house. Battle for independence. Battle for food. The goal shifts slightly, the aspect changes, the root is always the same. There is of course a purpose. I just don't know it.
Bob and I have managed to love each other through (from what I can tell) what most people get divorced about (poverty and parenting). I can only believe God keeps us together, because neither  Bob nor I are stoic romantic heroes. I don't mean this to reflect poorly on our relationship,  on the contrary. I think God created a thing of beauty out of something unlovely and I think he did it to serve a great purpose. Whether that manifests tomorrow or in 3 generations I do not know but I'm grateful for the intervention. Bob probably would never put up with me otherwise.

I pray God would open Bob's eyes so that he would recognize what looks like foolishness to the world is actually wisdom.
God lighten the feeling of my heart.  Amen

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