Saturday, October 13, 2012

Taking a break from math homework.

I have been studying my Stats homework even more faithfully since I got a 100% on my second test. I feel more compelled to do well in a subject that I am doing well in. Really supports all those things I have heard about "setting yourself up to succeed" and "math isn't all bad" (but of course, REALLY... it is).

On two occasions today I caught myself engaging in behaviors that just didn't make sense. Those were just the times I caught myself. I am fairly certain that there were more but I'm too weird to notice them. I will share the two I caught.
1. I found myself standing on the toilet seat putting on Bob's deoderant (on myself, not Bob).
2. Sitting on the dryer eating a protein bar, staring out the window.
I find myself in a position where I need to produce a resume and it makes me feel wholly unlike myself. What could I possibly need a resume for?

BUT I DO NEED IT. For an actual purpose and I find the whole situation combination terrifying/exciting. I would imagine the thrill is akin to what some people feel when they ride rollercoasters (all I feel is nauseated).

(fyi I need the resume for an FYE (that instructs one on resume building/writing and job seeking strategies)(such similar acronyms) class and for my co-op coordinator who is going to be working on finding me a position at a middle school here on the good ole' Westsiiiiiide.

Afraid I may end up teaching your kids? You should be.

I am working on my latest fiction project and I must say that I am 27,000 words in and on fire with what is coming next. I have been working on not focusing on what will eventually be cut and just getting everything I want down. One of my professors is an author and has several books published and she had an open forum where we could ask her questions and I thought the best advice she gave was that a best thing an author can do is practice BIC (Butt in Chair).

So that is why I have moved from writing in bed to writing at my desk. Unfortunately my chair and desk are so ill suited that I find myself kneeling at the desk, clacking away.

October, October. Not quite the holidays.
Enjoyed the Sunflower festival with the Deubbers and Goodridges.
Looking forward to Hallzooween and the Duebber Halloween fete.
Celebrating two years of matrimony to the Beard. Strangely enough the hardest year for us financially and the easiest on our relationship (not that relationships are ever actually easy).
Cannot wait for Holiday Junction at the Museum Center either. Ralph & Debbie- you better join us for some Festive Choo-choo buggaloo.

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