Tuesday, October 23, 2012

These days

Celebrated the two year wedding anniversary this past weekend. It was like going on all the dates we forgot to go on before we were married. Ate lunch together, went to the Art Museum and saw the (highly overrated) Herb Ritts collection, saw Seven Pyschopaths (bogo tickets!) It was wonderful. Ate brunch at Vitor's (thank you city of Cincinnati for the coupon via Recycling rewards!) and that was my favorite part. We listened to all the people around, foodies and traveling business people. Everyone talking about where food is good.
Solomon said his longest sentence a few days ago. "...Mama, I have a butt."
So proud.
We entered a lottery to try to secure Marley a spot in one of the Cincinnati Public magnet schools. Should find out this week if we got one of the 16 spots (8 at Dater, 8 at our second choice SCPA). Not sure what we will do if we got a SCPA spot. There is a good chance we will have to camp for the spot we want, which we are willing (but not prepared) to do.


  1. willingness is the most important aspect of the camping. preparedness can be accomplished with help. i guarantee you, WE (the collective we, the family) are willing to camp with/for you. i have some vacation days and am willing to use them for your family's education. we can make this happen.