Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Why I quit quitting drinking

So I rarely drink. For New Years I made a resolution to quit drinking entirely. 7 months, no problems. But then I started noticing when I was around people while they were drinking I would have to explain "I don't drink" and sometimes even the why I didn't drink. Now it was actually preferable when someone wanted to know why. Then I could talk about my faith and how I didn't want clouded judgement leading me to behave in a crass way. But it was beginning to become a thing. Causing me to stumble because I was caught up in maintaining that thing rather than really addressing the behavior that I sought to prevent. It wasn't having a drink that caused me to gossip viciously or be lewd. It was the people I was having that drink with. My behavior around them is not what I want for myself. Aside from the physical damage that drinking alcohol causes the real problem was the effect my company was having on my soul. (I don't mean to say anyone besides me was ever responsible for my behavior. Just that theirs influenced mine in a negative way that I was not resisting.) I've decided that it is a situation that I have to draw away from. Not withdraw my love but withdraw my enabling of behaviors that I believe to be ultimately damaging to the body, the soul, and society.

Setting rules for yourself can be important but ultimately it is communication with God and recognizing things within yourself that will keep you on the right path. The letter of the law was blinding me from the truth. I thought I was safe because I followed the rule but really I was missing the essence of the spirit behind it all. To act in a way that glorifies God and does not cause others to stumble.


  1. this is pretty much the exact same thing as me giving up eating meat a couple years ago. it started out as a thing to remind me (3 times a day) of something important. and after 9 months or so, it just became a thing of itself.