Thursday, January 10, 2013

A big old meh.

"You are neglecting A Tale in Cincinnati,kids,husband, laundry,dog school, job, what?" -Mom

Ok.ok. Since my middle class got cancelled, here I am. Though it will likely be a disjointed amalgamation of brain debris rather than anything life-changing (you know, like everything else I write).

Spring semester started this week. I have /add /dropped for the first time in my life. Interpersonal communications, goodbye. Hello, Human diversity. So far it seems to a be a good switch. I've gone from dry professor in windowless room to already-taken-a-field-trip. We did an activity called "The Race" where you took 1-2 steps forward or backward depending on the dis/advantages in your life history. As I predicted all the white males were in the front. I would imagine this is en effect of both cultural practices and larger strides. What I had not expected was how far I was in the back. 23 people and I was third from the back. The only two people behind me was a lesbian and another girl around my age. Fifteen feet in front of me was first and second generation Americans, ESL speakers, baby boomers, etc. The only times I got to take steps forward was when I was asked questions regarding my pre-high school graduation life.

It didn't upset me. I do want to get a bit edgier haircut though since I am (apparently) a greaser. But I guess being the third most disadvantaged college student is still pretty stinking good.

For those of you following my food obsessions (almond milk, honey crisp apples, waffle crisp), please add Cara cara oranges. Delicious.

I've gone to yoga with Robyn a few times. What a good idea that was of mine! #credit
Nothing makes me feel more invigorated than exercise combined with listening earnestly for/to God's voice. Bidel's Bible College!

I also began working for the first time in ... 6 years. I have considered mincing words but I won't. I hate it. Certainly not because of the people, they are all fine people. I just don't want to do this right now. But who does want to work really? I heard the sound of kids outside my office twice and started feeling the first waves of a panic attack.
I'm depressed about it. I don't really feel like ruminating about it here.

Still slowly writing a book, still slowly working on "The Simulated Legacy" project.

I would imagine something has to give. I don't know what it is. Or if it already has.

God is good all the time.

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  1. i'm curious as to what your advantages/disadvantages were. i mean, i think i know some of both, but am curious nonetheless. knowing what i know (the good and the bad) i find it hard to believe you'd be one of the more disadvantaged.