Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Don't know much about... anything really.

Trying to push through my brain quagmire. Too much output, not enough of it going to the arts. Makes me feel dry and brittle in a sad inorganic kind of way.

From moment to moment I cannot quite remember what I just said or what I was about to do. I chalk that up to the too much output thing too. Trying to balance school, work, parenting, faith, art and homework is laughable. It cannot be done. Something has to give, or everything has to give at any given moment. So sadly, my book is neglected. Stagnating at 16,501 words and the last 500 of those (ok maybe 1000)  were written in such a fog of sleepiness that they are not any good.
Two of my professors have Phd's. Neither of them (appear) to be married. Coincidence? But that is the last of their similarities. One is blessed with a radiant self-confidence while the other is so inexperienced that I wince when he attempts to organize anything. You can tell he is more accustomed to being a student than a professor and that has obvious advantages and drawbacks.
There has been some scary rumors (rumors that happen to be true and not repeatable) at work. I have my bible study group on call for safety prayers. Feel free to chime in.
Kids are full of words that are more likely than not to make you spit whatever beverage you are consuming at the time of hearing.

Marley: Mommy what are these hookers for?

She was talking about velcro.
Too bad I didn't realize that until after I explained it to her. Just kidding.

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