Friday, February 22, 2013


I don't know if I only listen to music with lyrics (in English) when I am restless or if listening to music with lyrics in English is what causes me to be restlessness in the first place. 

I have read everything on the internet.

I get in these moody, prepossessed rhythms and I cannot navigate from them except to bide my time. Keeping myself from causing myself or other people permanent psychiatric damage. It is days like this when I need a holocaust cloak.

It really bothers me to get scores below what I expected to receive. I got a 90% on a written assignment and  on a test given back to me today and on both occasions... I got a little mad. Sure, it's an A, but it isn't an ego-stroking, value-defining, smug-smile-validating A. It's a teacher-was-nice A. Buh.

Buh. First world problems.

This blog is a little misleading. My life is going great right now if you don't include 2:50-3:20 today. Which I don't. I've blocked it out.
Enter Stage Life

Romantically, invariably
Again. Again. Again.
Rinse, repeat if desired.
Again. Again. Again.

Ten feet tall and outspoken.
Five feet six and wide-eyed
(Always smiling).

Again. Again. Again.
A recycled fascination (it just works!)
When the faraway fairy tale
Goes round charmingly
Familiar, reassuring
Keep it at arm's length
Again. Again. Again.

Living in the city you did not build
Stand proud upon the battlements
Jeering cleverly at the foe
(Admiring his tenacity)
But at arm's length.

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