Saturday, February 16, 2013


Does it require a psychological disorder to have one of those days when you are on high alert? Just waiting for something that would definitely make the local news because of its rating on the creepy terrible scale?

If it does, I never have those days. *cough*
If it doesn't, I have been having one of those days for two weeks.

Imagine me, if you will, meerkat style. I have managed to find a neutral spine but only to facilitate the full range of motion for a paranoid head swivel.

I keep praying for feelings of security to no avail. Possibly due to the head swiveling.

I have written about 1000 words in my book this month. I will never meet my self-imposed deadline unless I do something drastic. Like... stop being such a dumbass and just work on it.

I have been incredibly fortunate in my classes these last two semesters. Many helpful, bright and interested teachers... and those professors who fail to contribute academically to my success, find other unintentional ways of inspiring me. Like providing assignments that more or less correspond with personal projects I had been meaning to do anyway.

Working in the Veterans' Affairs office teaches one that "Hurry up and wait" really ought to be the saying that made it onto US currency. It certainly shouldn't be "In God we trust." Because those veterans I serve don't trust anybody. They remind me of meerkats actually.

This may be the first time in ten years of blogging that I have mentioned meerkats three times in a single blog.

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