Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Either Side of the Jordan River

Either side of the Jordan River
I would look to the right or to the left
Distracted by the every day
From the miraculous.

In the Promised Land
Lots drawn; living in a city I did not build.
Harvesting the fruit
Of vines I did not plant
You have chosen me
Not by the merits of my lineage
Far from the righteousness that true love for You creates
You have chosen me
To do the work.
Your victory is certain.

The young man mocks the old
Disparaging the laws he wears around his wrist
And on his forehead.
The young man praises folly as wisdom
The fool as enviable.
I will not follow, I will repent.

My rebelling flesh
Falling further, weakening with each generation
Though I do not have the strength
To bear a spear as heroes of old
Pitiable is the fate of my foes
Your victory is certain.

Though fleas bite me
Diseases plague me
Though I turn from You
You have drawn me near
The sweet scent drifing on smoke
A pleasant odor I have not deserved
Your victory is certain.

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