Saturday, February 2, 2013

What you do to the least of these..

Deuteronomy 1:17
When you judge them, treat everyone the same. Listen to those who are important and those who are not. Don't be afraid of any man. God is the highest judge. Bring me any case that is too hard for you. I'll listen to it."

If American law permits a parent to end the life of their unborn child then what does it matter if American law permits two people of the same sex to get married?
American law has proven to be nothing sincerely related to Christianity, no matter what the mythes about the founding fathers claim. People will answer as individuals to God when they die, perhaps before. So as individuals we have to observe the precepts of Jesus Christ. When we remove individual accountability by putting political and secular laws in place, we remove the heart of a personal relationship with God. We alienate those people, reserving their sin as something altogether different from our own. But all sin is the same.

You cannot have two masters. I will not serve a country. I will follow God. I do not have to choose what is right and what is wrong for other people. He has already done that. All I can do is speak what I know to be true in the circumstances God provides me.

I'm tired of seeing the rage and disgust that same sex relationships cause in Christians. You must not condone it but don't embrace the single mother with one arm while pushing out against homosexuals with the other. All sin is the same. Her promiscuity, their homosexuality, your tendency to gossip or complain. The only thing seperating the lost and the saved is God's grace. We didn't do for ourselves, He did for us. Humble yourself before Him. I will try to do the same.

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