Saturday, March 9, 2013

A response to angry facebook post...

By a friend of mine who is gay and some of the comments on it. Longest fb comment ever.

I think the real problem that Christians of current times have is their obsession with sexual sin and the forgetfulness that all sin is the same. Sexual or otherwise. It's the secular culture that has taught us to place such a high value on peoples' sexual practices. Homosexuality makes some people uncomfortable so they take a more visual morale stance on it. But then they say nothing about the unmarried parent who practises her/his own sexual sin, or the people who gossip (sin), or those who fib on their taxes (sin), etc. I confess that I believe that homosexuality is a sin. Not a popular opinion (around my circles anyway) but I also confess that I was an unmarried mother twice over and that in addition to a slew of other sins. The homosexual and I are on the same ground. Both sinners capable of being forgiven. This current culture is kinder to my situation. I don't know why. It wasn't always so. As for the bible promoting rape, there is some contextual issues there. Partially translational and partly because the culture in which those laws and precedents were established. Women who were under the full legal control of their male relations were partially protected by those ghastly rules. And though I believe the bible is fully a message from God, one must take into consideration that just because one the "heroes" of the bible said something or did something, does not mean it was sanctioned or condoned by God. Also the old testament, in which those laws, etc. are written the Hebrew people were under the strictures of the first covenant. Which was basically that you acted in accordance with the law or you were damned. After the Gospel, when Jesus is introduced, the whole of the world was under the new covenant, which replaced the old. The new was that, for those who believed and repented, their sins (though inescapable do the flaws of our humanity) would be covered by the sacrifice Jesus made on the cross. Those sins including sexual sins. Which to reiterate are no different in God's eyes than any other sin.... I know this is a very difficult life for people who find themselves attracted to anything other than the usual. I'm sorry for the feelings of persecution you go through. I wish it wouldn't happen. No human has the moral high ground to judge you, but as humans I hope we can talk about our beliefs even as they conflict.

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