Tuesday, April 30, 2013


The hero falls; her face is in the grass; her nose is pressed to the earth. The smell of soil, the breeze brings the scent of wild flowers that bloom right where their seed is sown. Natural, that this hero should be face down before the Lord. He is mighty and He has taught her the joys and contentments, the truths and the humilities. He has given her the pale reflections of His greatness. She calls upon Him and He has come, such is His faithfulness. She prostrates herself, so overwhelmed by the feeling of grace, that she was given something so monumental, so everlasting. The hero cannot speak, nor stand. The Lord is beautiful, terrifying, constant. Her ears are full of the voices around her; the chorus of praise resounds forever in the design of Creation. Trees move, rustled by air. Heart moved, reborn by grace.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Date afternoon

Our date and one of the darlings we came home to.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Classic films.

Just watched High Society. Watched Grace Kelly drink, makeout with everyone, drink and drive, and drink more, and get away with it because she's drunk and it's the 60's.

Then it ended and I lay here wishing I could watch another movie. Then I remembered. I'm an adult! I can do whatever I want! This realization was followed by maniacal laughter and a viewing of The Court Jester.

Quotes of the day

"Sometimes things need to be silly, so they're interesting." -Marley

"Our garbage can's name is Bob." -Lucy

"Look at this river. It smells like poop, but it looks nice." -Marley

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

To the tiger in the zoo, Madeline said "poo, poo."

We were driving over the Hopple bridge this morning.

Solomon: Choo choo bridge!
Me: Yeah! Choo choo bridge!
Solomon: No mommy. I not talking to you. Talking to Marley. Marley, choo choo bridge!
Marley: Why do you have to be talking to me?

Oh boy.
Jenny's dog Buco died this morning. Feeling pretty bummed for her.
Rewriting is like admitting defeat and triumphing over evil at the same time.
My academic semester is over. Just have to finish up with my co-op then a two week break. I don't know if this break will do my spirit good or ill.
I have had a cold or allergies since January 7th. At this point, I'm mad about it.

Monday, April 15, 2013


If you fall in love with all your ideas, you're in trouble. Some of them need to allowed to slip away gracefully, without shame or regrets.

Revision, revision, revision.

Sunday, April 14, 2013


I know I am not alone in this. I secretly hope that I will eventually get to a point in my life where things are simple, decisions fewer, emotions stable. The reality is, is that someday I WILL have that. I'll just have to die first. The reality is that I am in for complications the likes of which I have never imagined, decisions that are hard and need to be made rapidly, emotions just as helter-skelter as they are now.

I can't really give up on that little secret hope. So, I'll just try to come up with coping mechanisms to deal with the realities.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Self-indulging poem with fire cliche.

A Fire burning before me
A dangerous one
With threatening shadows, black in contrast, with the fire's brightness.
But I do not fear the dark, I shun the light.
I turn my waking face away but ash flies up, circles around me
The delicacy of each reminder becomes a heavy burden.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Holy Revival, Batman.

I have the Duebs and my kids tonight. I just finished bedtime. They are all camped in various stages of sleeping bag or bed in Marley and Solomon's room. I am enjoying the choicest of eavesdropping. I feel like I am watching some mashup of TV sermons. It is awesome.

Message to Robyn while babysitting:

"I told all the children that they needed to keep it quiet because Katie is sick and needs her sleep (she was obviously tired before bedtime). I am sitting in my room and it is super quiet for several minutes when I hear "Yed, Jeedus lud me." It was Katie. Now Marley is in there giving her Passover message. "Jesus is the lamb. The blood on the door protects us." Which immediately turned into a discussion about the benefits of being 4 or 5. (years old)."

Now they are having a discussion that would make most adult theologians cry.

"God is the strongest god ever. He's even stronger than my daddy." -Marley
"My family and Jesus keep me safe." -Lucy
"The Lord is good, the Lord is fine, the Lord will save!" -Marley

"When there was a big, big flood, God told Noah to build a big big boat. That was a really good plan. The sea was full of water, with big waves." -Lucy
"Noah waited. As years passed, the rainbow came." -Marley
"Then the birds were like ca-caw, ca-caw." -Lucy

"I throw my teddy bear!" -Solomon
"Ow!" -Katie

"God can go to anywhere. Even Florida." -Lucy