Wednesday, July 3, 2013

No bandaids for love.

Marley held up a Ty beanie baby Christmas bear (that looks like it was just purchased) and the lamb she got in her Easter basket from Gigi and Grandpa Bob during her first Easter.
"You know why this lamb looks so much older and messed up than this bear?"
"Because I've loved it more."

Can't wait to see myself in 50 years. That lamb looks pretty rough.

Puts me in mind of my own beloved and tortured blankie, Meme. It was pretty much down to being a yard of tangled yarn by the time I framed it after Marley was born. Thoroughly loved, an object of my total devotion. The only thing that saved Meme from being loved out of existence was when I transferred that love to Marley. So maybe, just maybe my grandchildren will save me from Marley.

<3 being a mom
<3 Marley
<3 My mom
<3 Meme
Solomon informed Marley in no uncertain terms, "I'm not Buddy, I'm Solomon."
"Do you know what's even better than stuffed animals? Family." -Marley

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