Monday, July 29, 2013

Oh lovely day...

Went to church on Sunday with the kids, stayed for a short time at the picnic. They were eating a Solo mutters something through a mouth full of granola and I ask him what he said and he replies, "I SAAAAID MY HAIR LOOKS HANDSOME."

Oh. Right. Of course that is what you said. After that we went home and Gigi and Grandpa Bob were there. Dad was working on removing the defective tub from where he placed it just under 2 years ago. Marley entertained all with a list of house rules "Do not drop your shoes on the ceiling or your hair will fall out."

Then she told a story about a beautiful family with super powers named the Winslows. Awesome. But if you reacted audibly to her story you were violently shushed. Art-types.

Headed to Newport and visited the bookstore. After years and years of going to the library, it felt like being in a jewelry store. Tempting, foreign, and way over my budget.

Then Bob, Marley, Solo and I met Trent and Liz for dinner at Haufbrahaus. Kids have not been there since they were toddler/infant. They enjoyed playing in the gravel and eating more or less recognizable food while watching Trent stick french fries up his nose. Solo was having such a good time that he ran full throttle face-first into some guy's butt. Solo didn't seem to really notice, but the guy did. Hilarious.

Left Trent and Liz and went over to walk about a third of the way over the purple people bridge before I freaked out about my kids being so high in the air over water churning with hepatitis. Turning back we walked around and Marley decided she needed a duck call necklace like the other kids we passed. Turns out you get these by going on the duck-boat tours they have. Had no idea how awesome these rides really are. It is a tour in an open air boat with wheels. So one minute you're driving on the bridge and the next you're plunging at high speeds into the Ohio river, then you're floating slowly downstream listening to facts and puns. Kids made use of their duck calls the whole time. They loved it.

We had Cold Stone ice cream after that. Chocolate with sprinkles for Marley, Oreo creme filling flavor with crushed oreo for Solo, and a strawberry blonde for Bob. We sat at a picnic table by the river. The sun was setting through the clouds magnificently behind the city and the water was sparkling.

Bob and I shifted around nervously in our seats and I go, "So Marley and Solomon guess what? We're going to have a baby. You're going to have a new brother or sister."
Marley's eyes go round and she gets a big grin on her face. "What!? I'm going to be a big sister!"
"Well, you already were a big sister."
She gets up and starts dancing, Solomon starts to catch on that he is supposed to be reacting in some way other than shoveling ice cream into his face and he starts dancing. They both danced so much they almost fell down the hill next to us. Marley and Solomon both half-singing "I'm going to be a big sister."

Some notable reactions: 
Dad: "You're going to need that deeper tub."
Mom: *grasps a giant penguin statue*
Got these messages from Robyn after I dropped off Marley and Solo at her house (while I went to work) the day after they found out.
Robyn:  Trying to get Solo to tell Toby the secret while Marley is upstairs.  After much prodding and coaching...."Solomon, what is your mommy going to DO?"   "Eat more brownies!?"
Robyn:  Marley just told Toby "(big excited smile) is she in the hospital right now!"
(From Robyn via SMS) "I hope its a boy." "I hope its a girl." "I will take care of my sister or brother whatever it is." -Marley

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