Monday, September 30, 2013


As of yesterday I can say I have felt definite baby movements. Not sure if they were of the feminine or masculine variety, but definitely of the baby variety.

16 weeks pregnant in two days. It has gone fast, not something I would have said for either of my previous first trimesters.
Things I want to remember:
Marley referring to fruit cocktail as fruit cottontail.
Marley referring to every fast food restaurant as "Old McDonald's".
Solomon having the definition of "on purpose" and "on accident" switched. "I sorry Marley. It was on purpose."

No matter if I lose my anchor
Lost to the passage of time
I will never be lost at sea.
God's hand is over me.

Monday, September 23, 2013

A man's pride.

Gigi and Grandpa Bob were over for lunch today and Solo was riding his bicycle (yes, in the house). His handlebar got caught on a chair and he tipped off the bike. He bonked his head (nothing serious) and he landed on all fours. Without a word or sound, he crawled on all fours to the living room. He hid behind a chair and started crying. I followed after him and picked him up and I asked, "Are you hurt or embarrassed?" and he just sobs, "I am so embarrassed!"

It was the sweetest/saddest thing I have ever heard. It also gained me a little insight into my son.

Criminal Justice Discussion Board #5

I enjoyed this one so I decided to post it here... And Westwood Town Hall is now playing My Country Tis of Thee on the bells. lol

I have found that I hold a pretty unpopular opinion about privacy. I discovered this fact by conversations about the more invasive searches done in airports. Policies put in place for security. My opinion, in brief, is that I would rather someone see me naked if it meant they saw the other passenger with weapons/explosives hidden on their person naked too. I don't have anything worth hiding so much that it involves heightened risks of danger to myself, my family, or others.That isn't the same as police searches of course, but I follow the same vein of reasoning. If you follow the laws and don't carry a concealed weapon with no license, or carry around open containers or drugs, or pack your trunk with body parts or fugitives then the worst part of a search is time lost. People do such a good job of wasting their own time, safety seems like an appropriate place to have some time wasted. To be fair, I think the phrase "probable cause" leaves HUGE amounts of discretion to the officer. For example: I am a police officer and I pull someone over for failing to maintain their lane. I get out and ask if there is anything in the car and can I search it. The suspect says "no". As a person, a curious person whose responsibilities involve crime detection, I am going to be suspicious. I will probably even feel I have probable cause. So even if that suspect is just a hardliner libertarian who enjoys being obstinate, I am going to think he is hiding something criminal. So, do I think Police should have lots of room in regards to when and where searches are carried out? Yes, I do. Do I agree with the laws that dictate what is and isn't an offence? Not, all the time. I think some laws waste police time and budget. I also think that there is a lot of unwarranted fear against police and their invasions on our sacred realms of privacy and that a little perspective would help to alleviate some of those misconceptions.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Baby #3 first pictures

It never really registered what a creepy miracle it is to have your first look at baby in utero and that the view is a cross section. Weird.
Today after dropping Marley off at kindergarten and handing Solomon over to Robyn, I went to Good Sam to get a look at baby 3 (who is nicknamed thufir, cutie bananas, and chewy). My due date was originally down as March 24th but after they did measurements they changed it to March 19th. Marley and Solomon got both of their due dates from sonogram dating and both were born one day after their estimated due dates. So I'm secretly going to believe it's March 20th. Baby was mostly uncooperative about being measured and photographed but the technician was unrelenting.

She subtly paused near the hind quarters where gender questions are answered, but whenever I'm pregnant my eyesight gets worse and the screen was small so I have not a clue.

If behavior is any indication (sonogram behavior) and someone asked my guess I'd say boy, since Solo never was still in ultrasound photos either.

I still have not made this pregnancy Facebook official.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Criminal Justice HW

 I think that parental rules often overstep the bounds of what American government is supposed to be. Adjusting government as time passes is one thing, such as protecting civil liberties and expanding to extend rights to women, peoples of African descent, etc. Those are good and necessary and worthy goals. However, the government is not to act as parent to the people. This is not only ineffective, it is unnecessary and counter-intuitive to all the rules in place to preserve freedom. 
 As a parent I know that if you create a rule and enforce it by punishment, that what results is more people being punished. Which is harder on them, harder on me, harder on bystanders. This is a microcosm of what happens when the government creates parental laws designed to keep individuals from making personal decisions (even if those laws are made to protect). In some cases laws prohibit some personal choice but protect not only the chooser but other people (ex: abortion, smoking bans, FDA regulations). These rules I place in a different category, as personal choice that harms others isn't the same, because you're not allowing the other person or persons to make their own choice.
 Mayor Bloomberg is re-known for marching to the beat of his own drum and in this case he seems to have been trying to avoid things that would have stalled or stopped completely his forward movement. Possibly he was trying to keep pressure off of local law enforcers by putting the responsibility on restaurant inspectors. I agree with Mayor Bloomberg that "sugary drinks" are a large problem in keeping the obesity epidemic under control. In my house there is no ban specifically on sugar drinks. I just provide healthier alternatives like no sugar added juices, water, milk, almond milk, etc. and tell my kids (and anyone else who will listen) about the danger of consuming so many useless and possibly harmful calories. If I were the Mayor I would focus on education and perhaps stopping fast food restaurants from charging for water. Some restaurants you cannot have a lid if you get their 8 oz. courtesy cup of water (Penn Station). That is an egregious point against making healthier decisions. 
 In short, I believe the government is crossing the line when trying to force healthy decisions on the American people. Poor personal decisions often have long lasting and sometimes devastating effect, but it does not change that it is within a person's right to determine what best works for them in their pursuit for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. 

Three Year Old Solomon (today)

Solomon loves bikes, he loves robots, he likes soccer balls (but not competition to get the soccer balls), his favorite food is "Star Wars Legos Fruit Snacks", he likes to bring up C3PO at inappropriate moments, his favorite movies are Transformers Rescue Bots and Lego Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Out.

When he's tired, he will tell you.
He is currently in a not-interested in food phase.
He plans on having a beard some day.
He LOVES candy.
Blue is his favorite color.
He likes to help most of the time.
He just got a new bedroom door and he loves it. It is small and in a new position and it's new.
When we get to a stoplight he likes to say "Red, Stop!" Or "Green is go!"
All little boys are his instant best friend (unless they try to compete for the soccer ball).
He is a total chauvinist.
He has a lot of me to him, which is scary.

Facebook posts about Solo recently:

1."Solo crept into our bed last night and in his sleep he punched me in the face and whispers "I forgive you.""
2. "(overheard in car) Solomon: I really missed you today Mah-ley. Marley: I missed you too."
3. "My son is related to me. I asked him for a kiss and he said "Yeah, if you get me some peanuts.""
4. "Marley just walked in the room and gave me her list of things to do while she's at kindergarten. I asked her to read it to me. Turns out it is care instructions for Solomon. "Feed him when he's hungry. Care for him with a smile...""
5. "Soooo my dad is replacing the toilet and bathtub upstairs (remember that leaking microwave?) and the new toilet is yet to be installed, it is sitting in my dressing area. APPARENTLY Solomon had to go during quiet time because it is now also full of pee."
6. "Solo: it smells like bacon. My daddy makes bacon.
Katie: my daddy makes bacon. He smells like bacon.
Solo: my daddy smells like bacon too
Katie: my daddy had bacon in his room.