Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Baby #3 first pictures

It never really registered what a creepy miracle it is to have your first look at baby in utero and that the view is a cross section. Weird.
Today after dropping Marley off at kindergarten and handing Solomon over to Robyn, I went to Good Sam to get a look at baby 3 (who is nicknamed thufir, cutie bananas, and chewy). My due date was originally down as March 24th but after they did measurements they changed it to March 19th. Marley and Solomon got both of their due dates from sonogram dating and both were born one day after their estimated due dates. So I'm secretly going to believe it's March 20th. Baby was mostly uncooperative about being measured and photographed but the technician was unrelenting.

She subtly paused near the hind quarters where gender questions are answered, but whenever I'm pregnant my eyesight gets worse and the screen was small so I have not a clue.

If behavior is any indication (sonogram behavior) and someone asked my guess I'd say boy, since Solo never was still in ultrasound photos either.

I still have not made this pregnancy Facebook official.

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  1. My daughter Sarah is also expecting her third baby in March. Fun times with new babies!