Sunday, September 15, 2013

Three Year Old Solomon (today)

Solomon loves bikes, he loves robots, he likes soccer balls (but not competition to get the soccer balls), his favorite food is "Star Wars Legos Fruit Snacks", he likes to bring up C3PO at inappropriate moments, his favorite movies are Transformers Rescue Bots and Lego Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Out.

When he's tired, he will tell you.
He is currently in a not-interested in food phase.
He plans on having a beard some day.
He LOVES candy.
Blue is his favorite color.
He likes to help most of the time.
He just got a new bedroom door and he loves it. It is small and in a new position and it's new.
When we get to a stoplight he likes to say "Red, Stop!" Or "Green is go!"
All little boys are his instant best friend (unless they try to compete for the soccer ball).
He is a total chauvinist.
He has a lot of me to him, which is scary.

Facebook posts about Solo recently:

1."Solo crept into our bed last night and in his sleep he punched me in the face and whispers "I forgive you.""
2. "(overheard in car) Solomon: I really missed you today Mah-ley. Marley: I missed you too."
3. "My son is related to me. I asked him for a kiss and he said "Yeah, if you get me some peanuts.""
4. "Marley just walked in the room and gave me her list of things to do while she's at kindergarten. I asked her to read it to me. Turns out it is care instructions for Solomon. "Feed him when he's hungry. Care for him with a smile...""
5. "Soooo my dad is replacing the toilet and bathtub upstairs (remember that leaking microwave?) and the new toilet is yet to be installed, it is sitting in my dressing area. APPARENTLY Solomon had to go during quiet time because it is now also full of pee."
6. "Solo: it smells like bacon. My daddy makes bacon.
Katie: my daddy makes bacon. He smells like bacon.
Solo: my daddy smells like bacon too
Katie: my daddy had bacon in his room.

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