Thursday, October 31, 2013

Sonographs and Candy

This morning we found out the new baby is going to be a girl for Halloween and for every other day too.

While Marley was in school and Solo was with Gigi, Bob and I went and got to see Thufir. The technician showed us the exciting features like the duchtal arch (sp?) (Actual body part?) and we did a finger count. Then the big reveal. A girl!!

Made a cake with pink candy inside, Went to the 6th Annual Happiness Hotel Hot dog hand out and potluck. Lots of rain, wind, candy, kids and everyone got to see the pink candy. People were starting to get a little aggressive with their need to know if Thufir was a lady or gent. :)

Marley is really happy and Solo still isn't quite sure what's going on.

The baby in the pictures is Robyn's friend Becky's daughter.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

My wee three.

Last night, while we were eating sandwiches in bed and watching COPS Bob got to feel Thufir kick for the first time.

This morning around 5am Solomon was suddenly very distressed because his bellybutton hurt (of course I immediately thought "is it an acute appendicitis or does he have a hernia!?!?") Climbing into his bed to comfort and cuddle him was out of the question, his bed is essentially a hammock that is suspended 2 inches off the ground. I have trouble getting into an Impala at this point, so getting my bulk into the racecar bed at 5am wasn't happening. I brought him into our room, knowing that either he was going to keep me awake with his constant wiggling or he was going to fall out of the bed eventually if I did fall asleep. So while I lay there, propped up against the pillows, Solo sniffing and cuddling my torso and wiggling his toes with unnecessary levels of enthusiasm I hear his little voice in the darkness "that baby is kicking you." Which was actually true. I was so tickled, I wasn't even that irritated as I lay there in the dark for an hour and a half.

Note: After sleeping till 9 in my bed with Bob, Solo didn't suffer from any more appendicitis-es or hernias.

Marley got her first medal tonight (for soccer participation). I wasn't there because I couldn't rightfully miss class. But I am so proud of her. :) <3 No wonder her teacher is mourning because she only gets to have Marley for one year.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Honeymoon 3.0

From the second anniversary.
On our first we went and met Dan Akkroyd and had him sign a crystal skull full of vodka. Really.

Highlights of Bob & I's third wedding anniversary:

 First we woke up the kids and took them to Dunkin Donuts. Loved it, love them. Wouldn't trade either of them for a handful of potty trained rhesus monkies. Then we took Marley to school and Solo to the Duebber's.

 We went to Horseshoe Casino in downtown Cincinnati and ate at Spread buffet. WOW. I will never be able to stomach Golden Corral or Ponderosa again. Not that I ever *really* could. We may have gone a little crazy with dessert and some of it may have ended up in my purse. Maybe.
Then we drove to Louisville and stayed at the 21c. It is different than the Cincinnati one but still very cool and I had no idea just what a great city Louisville is. It has a live and kicking art scene and there are as many bikes as cars.

 We attended exBeeriment at the Louisville Science Center and watched loud expolisve science experiments and Bob sampled many craft beers in his itty bitty cup. We also ate the world's most home-made food trailer "Genius in a Box". Awesome.

 Had breakfast at Wild Eggs. Fresh squeezed OJ, delicious food, big portions. Oh yes. On the way there Bob and I may have been a bit grouchy, but we teamed up and it became quite enjoyable in and of itself.

After gorging on eggs, bacon and OJ we walked around downtown Louisville  and stopped by St. Vincent De Paul (scoring some serious treasure) and saw one of Bob's boss' other restaurants Garage Bar. It was closed so we wandered to Joe Ley's Antiques. HUGE. It just kept going and going. An entire stuffed buffalo, a life size gorilla doll holding a porcelain baby in an antique brass crib, an ivory rhinoceros with a saddle, 900,000 vinyl albums, old carousel horses made with real horse hair, more, so much more.

 After we (ok, I) barely made it back to the hotel we made a reservation at the hotel restaurant (we had a gift certificate) Proof. There is a finitely-carved-pretty-sure-it-could-be-called-life-sized sculpture of Pan on the bar. Loved it. We got comped a lot of stuff because they knew Bob works at Metropole (their Cincinnati equivalent). We had a charcuterie board with some country pate that would make you slap your mama, pumpkin soap, a play on a rueben involving spaghetti squash, a pork chop, beets and cheese, falafel, fingerling potatoes, grits... But the best dish we had, by far, maybe ever in the history of eating, was the risotto. It's description reads "Acorn Squash Risotto" Taleggio, Pistachio, Tarragon, Sea Salt. There was so much more to it then that description implies. Must have been love, because holy cow!

 Then we went back to our room where the television magically or otherwise, managed to play a COPS marathon. Seriously.

 We had McDonald's breakfast and I drove us home in the rain and Bob was back to work an hour later. That's life. :)

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Love again

It is unspeakably amazing how much you can love someone you've never actually met.*

*this does not apply to adult romantic relationships. At all. I'm talking kids here people; adoptions and unborn babies.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Her first field trip

Sometimes I was mad because lunch was delayed, other times I was eyeballing the suspicious behaviors of unknown 3-5 year olds, but mostly it was a great time. Milking cows, feeding sheep, shearing sheep, picking out pumpkins... Earthy good things.

Better yet was how Marley displayed her motherly meddle by sacrificing 65% of her personal space to accommodate Solomon and his bus anxiety. I just sat back and witnessed it all without interfering, except to take pictures.

Marley has decided this month she won't have kids, owing to the fact that she thinks that my pregnancy symptoms are not ok.

Me: there are good things about being pregnant.  It's nice because you get to feel the baby kick.
Marley: Um being kicked is not a good thing to feel.

We compromised though. She'll provide me grandchildren through adoption. Fine by me. She better do it while I'm spry.

Solomon on the other hand, was all too happy to take Marley`s space and when she started to "doze" (fake sleep) in a fully upright position he got indignant because she wasn't responding to his prodding. Solomon will never be a mother.

Also, notice that red headed kid looking sideways at Marley. He's, reportedly made her cry along with another boy by repeating what she said and "not playing right". Redheads are trouble, I would know.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

What manner of love

Do only what you want done to your grandkids, to your children.

The waves you create will ripple for generations long after you're dead.

Pass on a legacy of love, not one of fear.

If you want respect, be worthy of it.

Don't expect infallibility from your child, you're the one who made them human.

What you have been taught isn't always the best way, question it.

Your love will never be perfect, teach your child to rely on the Father.

Abuse begets abuse.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

This post is under the influence of hormones.

I wish I had skipped taking classes this semester.
I am pretty sure "If you love something, let it go" is BS. It would ring more true to say something like "If you love something, get over yourself."
PSA: If you need help, people might now know that you do or maybe they do know and they have no idea how to help. If you need help, I am asking you nicely, to ask for help nicely. And if you can, TELL people how they can help, give them options if that makes you feel better. People actually LOVE to feel useful so quantify those needs and shout 'em out!
Note: I am aware of the redundancy of my verbiage.
Note: I had no idea that verbiage had an 'i' in it till just now! #themoreyouknow
Note: If you think this PSA may apply to you then go ahead and apply it to you! It applies to EVERYONE.
PSA 2.0 If I have any obligations to you reader, remind me (twice). I will forget and not because I don't love you, but because I have a growing-person who is compromising the use of all my brain resources.
Speaking of that person, we find out his/her gender on Halloween day, the day I purportedly turn 20 weeks pregnant. I go back and forth on whether it will be boy or girl. I currently think girl, a few days ago boy. I can honestly say I would be happy with either. I can hardly imagine having a girl who will be different than Marley or a boy different than Solo. Excited to find out though and see what those differences will be.
Bob is now acting as a 'cook one' officially at work. Unsupervised and without training wheels for his serving spoons (or serving tweezers!) The finesse required for fine dining plating is amazing (and silly!)
Since 2007 I have been able to go my "Firecracker friends" for parenting advice and been there done that commiseration. Still going strong!
I get heartburn when I eat cheerios.


Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Better than better.

Marley brought this to me as I'm lying in the dark with a super headache. She was in her room drawing before bed. She sounded this out, you can make it out (if you read backwards) that it says "Jezos did for or sins." This mom is blessed.

Bless the Lord

In this life, my mind will play, if not my body: the thief, glutton, whore, the coward. I will be daughter to my child, parent to my parent, husband to my husband, wife to a stranger, counselor to myself.

Until I let go and stand behind the One who came before, the one who was and is. I believe the truth that sounds to most like madness. Jehovah Jireh.