Saturday, October 19, 2013

Honeymoon 3.0

From the second anniversary.
On our first we went and met Dan Akkroyd and had him sign a crystal skull full of vodka. Really.

Highlights of Bob & I's third wedding anniversary:

 First we woke up the kids and took them to Dunkin Donuts. Loved it, love them. Wouldn't trade either of them for a handful of potty trained rhesus monkies. Then we took Marley to school and Solo to the Duebber's.

 We went to Horseshoe Casino in downtown Cincinnati and ate at Spread buffet. WOW. I will never be able to stomach Golden Corral or Ponderosa again. Not that I ever *really* could. We may have gone a little crazy with dessert and some of it may have ended up in my purse. Maybe.
Then we drove to Louisville and stayed at the 21c. It is different than the Cincinnati one but still very cool and I had no idea just what a great city Louisville is. It has a live and kicking art scene and there are as many bikes as cars.

 We attended exBeeriment at the Louisville Science Center and watched loud expolisve science experiments and Bob sampled many craft beers in his itty bitty cup. We also ate the world's most home-made food trailer "Genius in a Box". Awesome.

 Had breakfast at Wild Eggs. Fresh squeezed OJ, delicious food, big portions. Oh yes. On the way there Bob and I may have been a bit grouchy, but we teamed up and it became quite enjoyable in and of itself.

After gorging on eggs, bacon and OJ we walked around downtown Louisville  and stopped by St. Vincent De Paul (scoring some serious treasure) and saw one of Bob's boss' other restaurants Garage Bar. It was closed so we wandered to Joe Ley's Antiques. HUGE. It just kept going and going. An entire stuffed buffalo, a life size gorilla doll holding a porcelain baby in an antique brass crib, an ivory rhinoceros with a saddle, 900,000 vinyl albums, old carousel horses made with real horse hair, more, so much more.

 After we (ok, I) barely made it back to the hotel we made a reservation at the hotel restaurant (we had a gift certificate) Proof. There is a finitely-carved-pretty-sure-it-could-be-called-life-sized sculpture of Pan on the bar. Loved it. We got comped a lot of stuff because they knew Bob works at Metropole (their Cincinnati equivalent). We had a charcuterie board with some country pate that would make you slap your mama, pumpkin soap, a play on a rueben involving spaghetti squash, a pork chop, beets and cheese, falafel, fingerling potatoes, grits... But the best dish we had, by far, maybe ever in the history of eating, was the risotto. It's description reads "Acorn Squash Risotto" Taleggio, Pistachio, Tarragon, Sea Salt. There was so much more to it then that description implies. Must have been love, because holy cow!

 Then we went back to our room where the television magically or otherwise, managed to play a COPS marathon. Seriously.

 We had McDonald's breakfast and I drove us home in the rain and Bob was back to work an hour later. That's life. :)

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