Friday, October 11, 2013

Her first field trip

Sometimes I was mad because lunch was delayed, other times I was eyeballing the suspicious behaviors of unknown 3-5 year olds, but mostly it was a great time. Milking cows, feeding sheep, shearing sheep, picking out pumpkins... Earthy good things.

Better yet was how Marley displayed her motherly meddle by sacrificing 65% of her personal space to accommodate Solomon and his bus anxiety. I just sat back and witnessed it all without interfering, except to take pictures.

Marley has decided this month she won't have kids, owing to the fact that she thinks that my pregnancy symptoms are not ok.

Me: there are good things about being pregnant.  It's nice because you get to feel the baby kick.
Marley: Um being kicked is not a good thing to feel.

We compromised though. She'll provide me grandchildren through adoption. Fine by me. She better do it while I'm spry.

Solomon on the other hand, was all too happy to take Marley`s space and when she started to "doze" (fake sleep) in a fully upright position he got indignant because she wasn't responding to his prodding. Solomon will never be a mother.

Also, notice that red headed kid looking sideways at Marley. He's, reportedly made her cry along with another boy by repeating what she said and "not playing right". Redheads are trouble, I would know.

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