Thursday, October 24, 2013

My wee three.

Last night, while we were eating sandwiches in bed and watching COPS Bob got to feel Thufir kick for the first time.

This morning around 5am Solomon was suddenly very distressed because his bellybutton hurt (of course I immediately thought "is it an acute appendicitis or does he have a hernia!?!?") Climbing into his bed to comfort and cuddle him was out of the question, his bed is essentially a hammock that is suspended 2 inches off the ground. I have trouble getting into an Impala at this point, so getting my bulk into the racecar bed at 5am wasn't happening. I brought him into our room, knowing that either he was going to keep me awake with his constant wiggling or he was going to fall out of the bed eventually if I did fall asleep. So while I lay there, propped up against the pillows, Solo sniffing and cuddling my torso and wiggling his toes with unnecessary levels of enthusiasm I hear his little voice in the darkness "that baby is kicking you." Which was actually true. I was so tickled, I wasn't even that irritated as I lay there in the dark for an hour and a half.

Note: After sleeping till 9 in my bed with Bob, Solo didn't suffer from any more appendicitis-es or hernias.

Marley got her first medal tonight (for soccer participation). I wasn't there because I couldn't rightfully miss class. But I am so proud of her. :) <3 No wonder her teacher is mourning because she only gets to have Marley for one year.

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