Thursday, October 31, 2013

Sonographs and Candy

This morning we found out the new baby is going to be a girl for Halloween and for every other day too.

While Marley was in school and Solo was with Gigi, Bob and I went and got to see Thufir. The technician showed us the exciting features like the duchtal arch (sp?) (Actual body part?) and we did a finger count. Then the big reveal. A girl!!

Made a cake with pink candy inside, Went to the 6th Annual Happiness Hotel Hot dog hand out and potluck. Lots of rain, wind, candy, kids and everyone got to see the pink candy. People were starting to get a little aggressive with their need to know if Thufir was a lady or gent. :)

Marley is really happy and Solo still isn't quite sure what's going on.

The baby in the pictures is Robyn's friend Becky's daughter.

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