Monday, November 4, 2013

Sociology, Legos, & Laundry

This entry could be written out into a tome of far-reaching parenting philosophy, however, I have been a mother long enough to know that someday, I may change my mind. To avoid wasting too much time writing an article about wasted time, I'll keep it brief.

As I completed an online exam in Sociology I realized Marley had been quiet for awhile. I went upstairs and found she had put herself to bed and was already asleep. I didn't get to say goodnight. I resented it a lot. Stupid, stupid sociology and it's stratification and big, dumb deviance theories made me miss ending Marley's night with the usual positive ritual.

That was moments ago. I came to my bed and got out my laptop to Google techniques for organizing a Lego table. This being the table that I painstakingly caulked to keep Legos from being lost or dropped on the floor in error. After I had looked at the first 60 results I realized two things; I cannot say for sure that those two things are entirely independent of one another.

1. Everything involving Legos is expensive and painful.

2. It would be a grievous waste of time and money for me to organize the Lego collection of a 3 year old.

What is the difference between missing out on my kids' lives for school and missing out on them to organize Legos? Is it wrong to color categorize Legos? No. Every fiber of my being is attracted to a color coordinated Lego display. But are these Legos, which present no problem to my life at all whatsoever, sneakily trying to butt in on my time with my son? Maybe.

Some behaviors, motivations, and activities are easier to assess than others.

Note: While writing this blog about slack Lego-organization, I am successfully avoiding putting away about a month's worth of clean laundry. I'm tempted to write that tome if it will keep me away from the laundry.

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