Friday, November 15, 2013

Things I like about My People.

You can count on my dad to honor his traditional methods for approaching the day (traditional for him, not in general). In the morning he makes my mom coffee, at dinner time he is home, cooking dinner and eating dinner. After dinner, the work day is done, he showers at night. Yet despite this regular pattern of behavior he ALWAYS manages to surprise me. As soon as you make an assumption about what my dad is going to say, you're wrong.
This morning when I called my mother sobbing, she didn't start crying too, even though she was sad because of what I said, and sad because I was sad. She completely communicated her sympathy but held herself together and advised me with solid courses of action. My mom is an emotional rock. 
My older sister is one of those people who gives of herself until it almost hurts to watch. She's one of those people who is out being the change they want to see in the world and yet does not go on harping about it. Seriously, she doesn't even have a "Be the change" bumper sticker.
My younger sister is where I learned that you actually can be yourself and still expect people to like you. Every day she does just that and people LOVE her for it. She embraces the quirks and seeming-imperfections that make her what she is and she NAILS it and by it, I mean life.

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