Saturday, December 21, 2013

Mom thoughts

5 and a half years after my first tenuous, terrified steps into motherhood I find myself on a mattress with a three year old person who refers to me as the best, most special mommy ever and a 5 year old who frequently qualifies for best behaviour awards. Is it because I'm the best, most special mommy ever. No. Freaking. Way.

But as I lie here with my kids and my daughter's head is unnecessarily snuggled into my feet I am feeling a little bit of confidence. Not so much in my skills but in my understanding of this mom thing.

How can I possibly sleep with a kid's face so close to my feet?
1. Because I'm confident that my mom instincts will protect that face from getting pulverized by my twitchy pregnant lady legs.
2. In the event I'm wrong about number one... I'm confident that the damage will not be so much as to even wake the kid up.

Being a mom is learning humility, recognizing strengths, letting go, holding on and prayer, prayer, prayer.

Marley dreams

"I had a dream one night that I was at the doctor and I had my eyes closed while I was getting a shot... then God appeared, and pharaoh, and I kicked Pharaoh away and that scared him. I was in God's pocket."

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Even monkeys eat bananas.

Solo and I are having a slumber party in my room. It's very dark and he's fidgeting himself to sleep.

Solomon: Mommy, I ax you a question.
Me: what is the question?
Solomon: why you don't go to work anymore?
Me: because daddy lets me stay home. So I'm available for you and your sister.
Solomon: oh. That's very nice. I need you to cuddle me.
Me: what do you want for dessert?
Solomon: popsicle! I want a gravy popsicle with chipmunks on it.
Me: ...
Solomon: it's at the Duebbers' house.


I do not like anyone as much as I like Marley and Solomon. They are amazing.

So last week was crazy busy with Thanksgiving at the Goodridge's, Pie-baking and dinner with Poppop, visits with Grannie and Popop, returning to school for Grandparent's day after a week of illness for Marley. It was really like Grandparent week actually.

Trying to rediscover routine except now Aimee has broken her leg. News that took everyone back as she isn't exactly the one who expect to break a bone and Goodridges tend not to break bones (unless it is a tailbone). Seeing her with a cast thingy and a a little tiny walker is actually more than this weepy woman can handle.

Ro is watching Marley and Solomon this weekend and Bob is getting to see the fruits of my secret Christmas project for him. The unveiling of the scoured and restyled basement. It has gone from scary spider dungeon to Moroccan man-cave. Cannot wait to see his face.

Also... my favorite fact to bring up in my own head over and over this week: One more week of this semester. Good riddance. I will load a few pix from recent times in a bit and maybe Saturday load some pix of the basement before and after.