Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Girl Who Must Be Named

I am 32 weeks pregnant, measuring 35 weeks. Another giant baby? Could be. I'm still looking for a March 20th entrance (est. due date is March 19th officially).

Still no name. We've tried a bunch out. Luna, Joan(ie), Mae, Bright, Corrine... Nothing conclusive.
We shall see. I'm sure we will find the best possible solution for The Girl Who Must Be Named.

At the midwife today the nurse told me I "had the prettiest pee (she'd) seen all day."
Really. She told me that. I never knew. I've decided this must be because of my perfect levels of hydration.
Anyway I told her that that was the best compliment I had had all day. How else do you possibly respond to that?

Very anemic. I guess taking halved iron supplements and slamming the sugar snap peas isn't doing it. Why do I have so much bloods and so fews irons!!?!?

I've been reading the Nikki Heat series. It is a better read than you'd think. Still, I'll file it under guilty pleasures with Stephanie Plum.

Nikki Winslow? Stephanie Winslow?
I cannot hear a name without automatically pairing it with our last name. Actually, I cannot hear nouns without doing it... Hell, I have even started doing it with verbs.

Mexican Winslow. Lonewolf Winslow. Cul De Sac Winslow. Abide Winslow.
No, no, no, well maybe...

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