Friday, February 28, 2014


I cannot defeat this anemia thing. I'm even playing by the rules and following medical advice for once. The highest I got my level was 10.1 and that's crappy.

Braxton Hicks contractions have multiplied this week. I won't miss these.

I'm 37.5 weeks pregnant. Midwives consistently worry about this show starting early but I'm not convinced based on dates, ultrasound dating, and the way things played out with Marley and Solo. They were each a day "late", so I want this one to be a day late too. Which has her so if the first day of spring. Man plans, God laughs.

Now for the most important news on the baby Thufir front.
We chose a name! It was painful, drawn out, and mind numbing but a (first) name has been selected. Once again Robyn is credited with the naming.

Robyn: I will name her and let you know in the morning.

(AM email)
" Sage Lillian
Sage Robyn
Marigold Mae
Marigold Marjorie

So we chose Sage. Combination of the wisdom of Solomon and of the hippie dippy of Marley.

I can rest easier now.

Monday, February 24, 2014


I'm just not a birthday person.

My morning went very poorly. I had to pray that God would intervene with my mood and gradually I recovered from the am events.

I bought myself a label maker at hobby lobby and labeled Marley's clothes bins.

Bob made me ramen for lunch.

We went to Dewey's for dinner and had a very good time. Marley told us her  rendition of the life of Abraham Lincoln. "Born in a tiny cabin... Went on a canoe ride and he found people doing slavery... Graduated and became president so he could stop the bad rules... Went to a movie and some one shot him."

Got makings for Oreo milkshakes at Kroger. By the time they were finished Solomon was pretty much asleep on my lap.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Sleep disturbance

If I'm going to have my sleep disturbed, I prefer it be by the sound of my child coming full tilt around the corner into my room to stand next to the bed waiting for the go-ahead from me to climb up and over me into the middle while murmuring "I love you mama."

My blog. I'll run-on sentence if I want to.

Friday, February 21, 2014


It is beyond unbelievable to me that there remains only 26 days till our third child is due. It was about twenty minutes ago that I was busy botching my first attempt at college, struggling to recover from high school damage, and knew everything. I'll take the now over the then even on my worst days.

God's ways are unknowable.
There was a few first responders at the YMCA. They arrived with signals blaring. Marley says "I guess those firefighters really wanted to swim."

We still do not have a name for this child. Dylan has been under consideration for a record amount of time (about two weeks). I just don't know. I want there to be a more definite process in selecting a name or some way of knowing you are not signing the kid up for a lifetime of name related character-building (aka problems). Heidi? Greta? Mae?

What's in a name? I guess it depends on if you're asking Juliet or Ermengard.

...There is a product out on the market now called a wubbanub. A combination pacifier and lovey. I, being to cheap to shell out the $12-18 decided to make my own. I present... Snarfer Cat. At least I came up with a name for it...

Monday, February 17, 2014

Being adult

I hope that being an adult doesn't preclude occasionally waking up in the middle of the night with the need to crawl into your parents' bed so that they can protect you from imagined horror.

Monday, February 10, 2014

A relaxing bath..

A relaxing bath cannot involve your daughter sitting on the toilet next to you with binoculars, staring and commenting on the visible movements of your unborn child in your giant belly that protrudes out of the water. While your preschooler son comes running into the room with his pants missing and knocks your drinking cup of very, very cold water on you.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Name talks

Solomon: let's name the baby Clody Bodhi.
Marley: Those are unfortunate names but nice try.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Forward and Backward

Solomon and I play Guild Wars 2 together. He we play a character that is designed to look like Bob and two other characters that are "pretty girls". Solomon's favorite is to fight against "Svanir" (giant norsemen-type people) and "E-de-mentals" (Elementals).

It's nice to be able to instill a little nerdery in the kid.

After this darling baby is born I am looking forward to:

Seeing what color hair/eyes she has. Am I capable of brown eyed children!?
Going to the gym without having anemia.
Engaging in gymnastics-grade nursing positions.
Using retin-A again.
Knowing the baby's name.
Taking pictures of the three kids and then sweating and stressing about which frames have pictures that can be swapped out. (Or we can just be honest and just assume I will expand my picture frame madness to another wall because how could I possibly choose!?!?)
Seeing all the Duebs and Winslow kids together.
People telling me how cute my baby is (because of course she will be).