Monday, February 3, 2014

Forward and Backward

Solomon and I play Guild Wars 2 together. He we play a character that is designed to look like Bob and two other characters that are "pretty girls". Solomon's favorite is to fight against "Svanir" (giant norsemen-type people) and "E-de-mentals" (Elementals).

It's nice to be able to instill a little nerdery in the kid.

After this darling baby is born I am looking forward to:

Seeing what color hair/eyes she has. Am I capable of brown eyed children!?
Going to the gym without having anemia.
Engaging in gymnastics-grade nursing positions.
Using retin-A again.
Knowing the baby's name.
Taking pictures of the three kids and then sweating and stressing about which frames have pictures that can be swapped out. (Or we can just be honest and just assume I will expand my picture frame madness to another wall because how could I possibly choose!?!?)
Seeing all the Duebs and Winslow kids together.
People telling me how cute my baby is (because of course she will be).

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