Friday, February 21, 2014


It is beyond unbelievable to me that there remains only 26 days till our third child is due. It was about twenty minutes ago that I was busy botching my first attempt at college, struggling to recover from high school damage, and knew everything. I'll take the now over the then even on my worst days.

God's ways are unknowable.
There was a few first responders at the YMCA. They arrived with signals blaring. Marley says "I guess those firefighters really wanted to swim."

We still do not have a name for this child. Dylan has been under consideration for a record amount of time (about two weeks). I just don't know. I want there to be a more definite process in selecting a name or some way of knowing you are not signing the kid up for a lifetime of name related character-building (aka problems). Heidi? Greta? Mae?

What's in a name? I guess it depends on if you're asking Juliet or Ermengard.

...There is a product out on the market now called a wubbanub. A combination pacifier and lovey. I, being to cheap to shell out the $12-18 decided to make my own. I present... Snarfer Cat. At least I came up with a name for it...

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