Friday, March 7, 2014

Feminist rage post

When I was looking for apps to download I found something so appalling and diabolical and insidious, I couldn't, at the time, register the rage it aroused in me. Now, having had a few days to ruminate (and being currently in a pregnant hormonal upsurge) I can inspect the many different facets of my reaction and process them. Anger, sadness, fear, deep resentment, betrayal, impotence, disgust... Those are the flagship feelings. A few minor reactions include amusement, disbelief, and panic. These lesser reactions actually make the primary feelings even more intense.

You PROBABLY want to know what the app is. Or you stopped reading, because you hate talking about my feelings. I'm ok with that (just don't let me actually find out about it).

So the app (which I did not play or download) (because that would be a show of support no matter how it was intended for research) was marketed for young girls. You play as a princess and you engage in different activities that focus around landing THE prince. Notice I said A princess and THE prince. There are OTHER princesses and you have to sabotage their preparations in order to WIN. So, in more general terms, you are running a race against other girls to win the trophy, which happens to be a rich guy with a title. There is only one winner, everyone else must lose.

OR another way to phrase it would be that it was yet another device used to teach young girls how to emotionally traumatize and socially sabotage their fellow... non-fellow. While simultaneously teaching them to attain their value from the person they latch on to romantically and by the lessening of the perceived value of their peers.

Why does this send me into such a negative emotional collage? Well, because I'm pregnant. Emotions are many, even if they are largely contained. But you know what else? I'm pregnant with a GIRL child, who will one day be the market for this software. Because I already have another daughter who is being targeted by the deeply sadistic and dangerously subtle downward tugging of the spirit. IT MAKES ME SICK and I am the time where I am at the peak of my control over such things and their affects on my daughters, my nieces. From here on out, I will be less and less able to monitor the propaganda and absolute schmutz that onslaughts them.

So, I pray for my girls. There are a lot of them in our family. I pray that God gives them positive self esteems, confidence enough to do the right thing, wisdom to avoid the terrible things the world wants from them, healthy models in their lives that help to steer them from the damaging junk that would otherwise sneak in.

For now, rant out.

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