Saturday, March 29, 2014

Spring break 2014

Rainy day Saturday.
"You need to put away your laundry. We got too many Indians... We got too many chiefs... Just do your chores, that's the point." -Bob (to the kids)

Relaxed. Watched a movie. Walked around (inside) with Sage (aka Tiger Pug). It was nice. I didn't even feel guilty for my incapableness because hey it was Saturday and raining. Also we took breakfast for dinner a few steps further (over the line) and had dessert for dinner.

Bonding with Sage is not a process. It's easy. She makes it easy to love her. Her catalog of noises, her frequent involuntary smiles, her absolute dislike of all things cold, the way she pays attention when Marley or Solomon talk to her... <3 beauty!

First day of spring break 2014, very nice.

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