Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Boring post

Solomon, Sage and I ventured out today. We went to the library (and looked for the dog who had run away... Again). I tried not to overdo the number of books, considering I'm not supposed to hold anything heavier than my infant and I was already carrying her. I got a junk novel for me and a handful for the kids. Legends of Chima, and other franchise publications.

Engelbert Sneem and the dream vacuum machine was the name of one of the ones I grabbed. It is a super great book.

Tomorrow we're going to go to home depot and buy phlox. Then I'm going to teach Solomon to use the shower. Baby steps to independence. I'm talking about mine, not Solomon's. I pray this is the last surgery I ever have to have.

Marley really is awesome at being a sister. She dotes on both her siblings. And Sage seems most responsive to her siblings. She might even be smiling at them.

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