Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter on Easter

Sometimes I do things and I have stellar reasoning behind it. Sometimes there will be no reason at all. Other times I will have just plain stupid reasoning.

I never explicitly discuss weather on Facebook unless it would be impolite not to.
I publicly mock Jackson Pollock whenever possible.
I don't drink water in the dark.
I avoid participating in traditional holiday celebration methods.

I just realized this last one is pretty stupid because 1. Celebrating is fun and 2. God tells us to keep these holidays and remember them. So am I too cool to post a blog about how overwhelmed I am by my God's love for me, on Easter? Is that too done?

So anyways... I am. Totally overwhelmed. By trying to comprehend. His love for me.
I looked at my son and tried to imagine a love that would allow me to sacrifice him for people who were rotten jerks to me. Couldn't do it. Tried to imagine a love that could allow me to sacrifice him for people who were wonderful (though imperfect). Couldn't do it.
I'm incapable of giving that type of love. Yet I am blessed enough to receive it. He's so much bigger than I am. His picture of things and what is has so much more context and richness compared to my own limited understanding. Yet the pot continues to question the potter.

Thank you Father, for the fullness of Your plan.
It is accomplished!

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