Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Little things

So I've been conducting highly scientific research (on myself) and I have found that on nights I have consumed (for you non-scientists that's fancy-talk for 'eated') an apple or apple product before bed I have more vivid dreams and more frequent nightmares. Apply my conclusive findings to your life and parenting as you will. You're welcome.
Bob was watching "Parts Unknown". A travel/food show hosted by the saucy Anthony Bourdain. Every few months or so Bob and I will have a day where we have a conversation to the effect of: " we're adults! We shouldn't have to wait till bedtime to watch what we want! ". Then we watch one program in front of the kids and either feel scandalized, scandalous, or remember that watching TV with kids is terrible... But I've digressed.

So this show is on and Bob warns Marley that they are about to slaughter, prepare, cook, and eat this enormous pig. She watched three whole process (which was edited for CNN but still detailed) and was not visibly upset or disgusted. I know it's weird to be proud of your kid for being logical about a pig slaughter. I KNOW. Still... I was. She approached it more with professional interest than judgmental distress. Good for you Marley! Meat happens.
After my postnatal check up with the midwives my car wouldn't start. Bob, Solo, Sage, and I were waiting for  AAA when Silo announced he knew what the problem was and wanted to show Bob. So they get out and look under the hood and Solomon tells Bob that "mommy needs to charge the batteries."

He turned out to be right by the way. ;)

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